Thursday, 31 August 2017


In the past several days we have heard so many news about violence by the supporters of so called baba or guru or whatever. It isnot for the first time when a so called guru or baba not even betrayed their supporters but also make use of them. On the behalf of their supporters only, their business is going on. People should understand what should be the standards of guru.
In India, there is very much value of guru from the ancient. People believe in them from years and years ago. We are not saying that every guru is fake but one should understand what should be character. Guru should ideogram of simplicity and soberness. If Guru presented some immoral values and highly materialistic world to their followers then how they will learn a life without materialism which is the main agenda to reach Guru according to Indian myth.
Such so called Gurus make fun of our beliefs, our society and the great & great Indian mythology to which the world bow down its head. Such Gurus should be discarded or rejected by their followers for the betterment of the society and our lovely nation.

Jai Hind

Sunday, 16 October 2016

i'm all yours

love is not the union of two bodies, it is the feeling when you are far apart and feel the same closeness, when you both are together, it is the union of two souls.

love is passion 
love is sacred
love is worship
love is union of souls
love is gentle
love is harsh
love is smooth
love is crazy
love is fun
love is mad
love is hurt
love is medicine
love is cure
love is selfish
love is kind
love is desire 
love is travel
love is wild
 love is being with your love
love is life
love is me 
love is you
love is love...
love is being with you

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

New beginning

Our life is comprised of many small stories. Each story has an ending either good or bad but every bad ending leads to new beginning. And the peopleof previous story had a special part for your life as a learning and to make you stronger towards your own decision. With every new beginning, their part in your life is also ended, your priorities become new people of your new story. The priority changes with time to time. Noone realizes it in their own cases but in others cases.But it is true with everyone 

Saturday, 14 December 2013


Life is not always be the same. No matter how hard you try to keep the things perfect, but they will go out of your hand. You can’t change the things what already happened but you can accept the outcome of what you did wrong. You can never be good to everyone but be true to everyone.

“One day things will be yours totally and you will get back your lost things”

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Human relations

I feel very sad when i think that how much we are separated from each other on the name of caste,religion, color, status, power, state and so.....although we all belong to same species i.e. Homo sapiens. Our hearts and souls are all same. There is nothing different internally but peoples in their ego are separating themselves from their own brothers.
We all here on this earth for same purpose i.e to give love and have love in return. It is the only thing that we would have never regret on.
Nothing is permanent in this world, may be today you are strong but you aren't going to be always. Separation  and differences on any mean is meaningless.
As when we are weak or dying, we have so much pain of losing someone's love and their company. There is a heartache and also regrets for doing injustice and hated as it would be happening to the person who was strong once. But when we are strong and powerful, in our ego we just forget the values of life i.e forgiveness and love.
These are the two great attributes of life. Without them, our life becomes much like hell and we are surrounded with much less people. We left all alone and no-one is there for us to care and to hold us when we are weak. Any human can't be so strong to live his life alone. He always needed one or more person to be their own. To maintain that relationship, we should cut our egos. Because both can't survive simultaneously. You have to chose one. Choice is yours.............!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 19 September 2013


What is love??????????????
A very difficult question to answer as well complicated. It is hard to understand whether it is just of a person or something very deep. For the persons who think from their heart, usually called as emotional fool define it as a whole world for them. They believe to live in the dreamy world of their love and for the practical mind, it is just all crab and a habit of a particular person at a moment and of another person at another moment. But what I believe is that even a stone-hear ted get melt at a point for a person in his whole life span. And sometimes love come in someone's life but they don"t realize and when they realize its too late. Love is different definition for the different persons. Actually, love has no definition, it is just our understanding about it if we feel and believe love is everywhere in every person and in the part of the nature. We are meant to love others and to be loved by others. Really it helps you to make good relationships and in other way it helps you somewhere in your life and with lots of help, your life will become easier.

Life is only one. You don't know what will be going to happen after this life. Love it and enjoy every second you got to live here as it is very short.

Love every single creature on this world.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013


Happiness is not to laugh loudly in a big group but its a smile on your face when you are alone at a peaceful which i feel here right now while writing this blog. I am happy not because all circumstances are in my favor but i decided to smile at the difficulties. It is easy to say that smile at your difficulties but, Still, i get to know that the conditions are worst or out of your hand, if then you try also you cannot control the situation because at that you are tired. You have no stamina to do work and your mind is not at peace and so you couldn't even think properly. Your body and mind is half paralyzed so at that moment leave everything and just smile. Try to happy and feel the happiness which you will get after the things would be in favor of you. Then the things will be in your hand.
I feel happiness is not in conquering the world by fighting, it just give you a satisfaction for a moment and then a fear to lose that power which you gain a few minutes back. Happiness is in the smile of a baby in his innocence. Whenever, i met a baby, i feel happiness which i could never get from anywhere. A blossoming flower, a peaceful nature will be able to make you.You will never feel alone in presence of them.
In the hurry of getting your dreams come true, spare sometime for true happiness.
Don't run for the things which satisfies you but don't bring peace within you.
Spend sometime with yourself and think about what makes you happy beside your work and duties.
And there is something always which never leave you alone. When you accept it, you will be happy.
Always be happy