Tuesday, 20 August 2013


Happiness is not to laugh loudly in a big group but its a smile on your face when you are alone at a peaceful which i feel here right now while writing this blog. I am happy not because all circumstances are in my favor but i decided to smile at the difficulties. It is easy to say that smile at your difficulties but, Still, i get to know that the conditions are worst or out of your hand, if then you try also you cannot control the situation because at that you are tired. You have no stamina to do work and your mind is not at peace and so you couldn't even think properly. Your body and mind is half paralyzed so at that moment leave everything and just smile. Try to happy and feel the happiness which you will get after the things would be in favor of you. Then the things will be in your hand.
I feel happiness is not in conquering the world by fighting, it just give you a satisfaction for a moment and then a fear to lose that power which you gain a few minutes back. Happiness is in the smile of a baby in his innocence. Whenever, i met a baby, i feel happiness which i could never get from anywhere. A blossoming flower, a peaceful nature will be able to make you.You will never feel alone in presence of them.
In the hurry of getting your dreams come true, spare sometime for true happiness.
Don't run for the things which satisfies you but don't bring peace within you.
Spend sometime with yourself and think about what makes you happy beside your work and duties.
And there is something always which never leave you alone. When you accept it, you will be happy.
Always be happy


  1. nicely written .. can we have your thoughts about how to find happiness in family and relations.

  2. By giving smile on their faces and keep urself happy
    do watever u want to do
    if u will be happy ....for sure they also will