Thursday, 31 August 2017


In the past several days we have heard so many news about violence by the supporters of so called baba or guru or whatever. It isnot for the first time when a so called guru or baba not even betrayed their supporters but also make use of them. On the behalf of their supporters only, their business is going on. People should understand what should be the standards of guru.
In India, there is very much value of guru from the ancient. People believe in them from years and years ago. We are not saying that every guru is fake but one should understand what should be character. Guru should ideogram of simplicity and soberness. If Guru presented some immoral values and highly materialistic world to their followers then how they will learn a life without materialism which is the main agenda to reach Guru according to Indian myth.
Such so called Gurus make fun of our beliefs, our society and the great & great Indian mythology to which the world bow down its head. Such Gurus should be discarded or rejected by their followers for the betterment of the society and our lovely nation.

Jai Hind