Saturday, 26 October 2013

Human relations

I feel very sad when i think that how much we are separated from each other on the name of caste,religion, color, status, power, state and so.....although we all belong to same species i.e. Homo sapiens. Our hearts and souls are all same. There is nothing different internally but peoples in their ego are separating themselves from their own brothers.
We all here on this earth for same purpose i.e to give love and have love in return. It is the only thing that we would have never regret on.
Nothing is permanent in this world, may be today you are strong but you aren't going to be always. Separation  and differences on any mean is meaningless.
As when we are weak or dying, we have so much pain of losing someone's love and their company. There is a heartache and also regrets for doing injustice and hated as it would be happening to the person who was strong once. But when we are strong and powerful, in our ego we just forget the values of life i.e forgiveness and love.
These are the two great attributes of life. Without them, our life becomes much like hell and we are surrounded with much less people. We left all alone and no-one is there for us to care and to hold us when we are weak. Any human can't be so strong to live his life alone. He always needed one or more person to be their own. To maintain that relationship, we should cut our egos. Because both can't survive simultaneously. You have to chose one. Choice is yours.............!!!!!!!!!!!

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