Thursday, 19 September 2013


What is love??????????????
A very difficult question to answer as well complicated. It is hard to understand whether it is just of a person or something very deep. For the persons who think from their heart, usually called as emotional fool define it as a whole world for them. They believe to live in the dreamy world of their love and for the practical mind, it is just all crab and a habit of a particular person at a moment and of another person at another moment. But what I believe is that even a stone-hear ted get melt at a point for a person in his whole life span. And sometimes love come in someone's life but they don"t realize and when they realize its too late. Love is different definition for the different persons. Actually, love has no definition, it is just our understanding about it if we feel and believe love is everywhere in every person and in the part of the nature. We are meant to love others and to be loved by others. Really it helps you to make good relationships and in other way it helps you somewhere in your life and with lots of help, your life will become easier.

Life is only one. You don't know what will be going to happen after this life. Love it and enjoy every second you got to live here as it is very short.

Love every single creature on this world.